Series 0000

Goals for the School District                                        BP 0200

BP 0200 Board and School Goals  


BP0410 Philosophy and Goals.doc

Quality of Education                                                       Section 110

Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans BP 0420

BP 0100 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Series 1000

Visitors of Pope Valley School                                    BP 1250

BP 1250 Visitors.doc

Uniform Complaints Community Relations               BP 1312

BP 1312 Uniform Complaints

Series 2000

Superintendent's Contract                                            BP 2121

Superintendent's Evaluation                                        BP 2123

Series 3000

Loan of School Equipment                                             BP 3280

Educational Travel                                                             BP 3312

Claims against the District                                                BP 3320

Series 4000

Complaint Procedure Certificated Personnel

Certificated Personnel                  BP 4144 4244, 4344

 Sexual Harassment                   BP 4119      BP 4219     BP 4319


Uniform Complaints                                                        AR 1312

AR1312.3 Uniform Complaints on web site.htm

Complaint Procedure concerning Personal                AR 4144

and Programs

Parents Rights and Responsibilities                            AR 5020

Exemptions From Attendance                                        AR 5112.1


Due Process Hearing Procedures                                AR 6159.1

AR 6159  Procedural Safeguards and Complaints For Special Education